Women Scientists of 1900s

Topics: DNA, Max Born, Women Nobel Laureates Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: April 5, 2011
Dorothy Crawfoot
Dorothy Crawfoot was born on 12th may in Cairo. She became interested in chemistry when she was about ten. She attended Oxford and Somerville from 1928-1932. she analyzed glass tessellate from Jerash. She decided to do research on X-ray Crystallography.

She did a lot of research on crystals and x-rays. Later in her life she became a teacher in chemistry for the women’s college. She became the university reader for x-ray crystallography in 1956. she also worked in the department of mineralogy and crystallography. She continued her research on interesting biological molecules. One of those molecules was insulin. Her research on penicillin began during WWII. She took part in meetings which led tp the foundation of international union of crystallography. She was a great and aspiring woman who played a big role in the field of X-ray crystallography.

Maria Goeppert Mayer
Maria Mayer was born in Kattowitz on June 28, 1906. In 1924 she enrolled at the University of Gottingen. She intended to become a mathematician but found herself more attracted to physics. She taught one year at Sarah Lawrence College but she worked mainly at S.A.M. laboratory. She worked on the separation of isotopes of Uranium.

In 1946 she went to Chicago. She became a professor in physics department and in the institution of nuclear studies. She didn’t know anything about nuclear studies but she learned quickly. In 1960 she decided to come to La Jolla where she is a professor right now. Barbara McClintock

Barbara McClintock started her carrier at Cornell. Connection between heredity and events that could be seen in cells under microscopes were just being observed when she launched her career. She worked in the field of cytogenetical analysis. It provided a visual connection between inheritable traits and their physical bases in their chromosomes.

Most of her coworkers were jealous of her because she was so intelligent. She was placed among the leaders in genetics...
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