Women Rule...Men Drool?

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Woman Pages: 5 (1898 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Darla Langenhorst
Mr. Hermann
Comp 101
2 April 2013

Women Rule…Men Drool?
Who says woman can’t wear the pants in the house? The King of Queens episode Cologne Ranger depicts idealistic female gender roles in today’s society by exhibiting a controlling wife who makes decisions for her spouse. Within her role she portrays an image of a typical modern day woman, seen today as a person who juggles household duties, financial and spousal decisions, as well as having a professional job outside of the home. Her husband attempts to portray his image as having full control and power within the marriage; however, it is apparent that the wife indeed controls everything. In today’s society image is everything and as we all know, it is usually the man who exhibits the characteristics the wife has in this episode. As the tide turns we are seeing more woman taking control of higher level careers by being leaders of America so it is not uncommon to see women making final decisions. Margaret Talbot uses Martha Stewart as an example of a symbolic figure of the traditional stereotypical woman by depicting in her show classic examples of homemaker duties. (245) Some of you may agree that women in our world should still strive to be caretakers of their family and home only, but I disagree and feel that on top of these duties we can strive outside the home to improve our society financially and ethically.

This show takes place in Queens, New York in a two story basic home. Doug and Carrie are the main characters who struggle with spousal powers within their relationship. Both feel the need to control their marriage to keep it in order. This episode implies gender stereotypes of both man and woman and shows how the husband attempts to control his relationship as he wishes, but indeed fails. Doug portrays a pseudo strong stereotype but is truly submissive when it comes to his relationship and Carrie is a wife who has a strong, controlling and stubborn personality that carries a typical male personality by controlling the finances and the choices Doug makes. The episode attempts to portray Doug’s view point of being in control, but ultimately it shows how Carrie manages and controls everything in their marriage. Doug points out to Carrie that she makes all the marital decisions and controls him throughout every aspect of their marriage and he does not like it. The battle of who is in charge between Doug and Carrie escalades into an intense fight during their Anniversary dinner at a prestigious restaurant and turns embarrassing when they both decide to act foolishly and attempt to show each other up. Carrie shows up in an indecent unbuttoned flannel shirt that reveals her cleavage sexually. While eating at the dinner table she grabs her hairspray that she hid in her purse and sprays it on her 1980’s hairstyle. Doug comes dressed in an old fashioned suite and his red cowboy boots that Carrie has hidden away in the attic for years. When getting ready Doug makes the statement “I’ll show the wife who is boss.” He also brings along his new cologne that he sprays multiple times to despise Carries demands to wear his old cologne that she likes. Both continue to act foolishly until Carrie decides they look like two siblings fighting and she makes a choice to stop fighting and to compromise within their marriage. It is noted by Susan Bordo that today, with many gentlemen feeling that women, particularly feminists, have been shoving them around for a many years, the thought of a return to manhood “in the raw” has a rejuvenated, present day appeal. The “Return of the Alpha Male” reading and a great amount of the mythopoetic men’s advance imply noticeably to be “backlash” improvements of manhood, some of their Victorian counterparts view women as liable for having suppressed the creature in man. As we’ve viewed, other Victorian interpretations put the prime blame on enlightenment and a lot of modern advertisements achieve that...
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