Women Role in Society

Topics: Woman, Gender role, Gender Pages: 3 (1097 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Before going ahead let us get down the brass tacks of the view about woman as said by Napoleon, the great conqueror of his times, who suggests that “Give me good mothers, I will give you good nation”. The word society, derived from the Latin word ‘Socieis’, means a group of individuals sharing similar cultural, political scenario, economic & psychological arena, an adage by Professor Carl Jung. Here in this definition gender difference is not mentioned. So society is not man or woman but an amalgam of human beings. If we rotate the wheel of the history, we come to know that such description about society holds no realistic resemblance and women have never had an equal share in anything and have mostly remained at the receiving end, except for a few civilizations. Besides all this, the role of women in societies can’t be ruled out as she plays multiple roles in our society. To run into this cycle of sociology, God has bestowed her with a unique quality called ‘patience’. If a man is made to run into this cycle, he would not tolerate the wear & tear of the complexities. If we look into our society, women walks aside a man shoulder to shoulder in every faculty of life. Science and research shattered the primordial concept of unequal faculties possesses by men and women and proved that it was only the hormonal makeup that differentiated men from women while both, in all capacities, are equally competent.

Islam realized the importance of women and preached equality between the two. Not only this, it also raised women in status and broke her free from the shackles of the savagery of the than barbarian cultures and rituals that disallowed her to even live, leave aside living an honorable life. Take for instance the status of mother in accordance with the scriptures of Islam, she is next to God and it is her that a child looks for utmost love, devotion, relentless care and perfect upbringing. A mother is the first instructor, the first person to sow the seeds of...
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