Women Role Dbq

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  • Published : April 21, 2011
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Nina Lee
Period 4
Dbq women role redo

In 20th century, women from many countries began to fight and gain new political freedoms and social rights. Women in Latin America fought for both justice and gender equality. Their main goal was to not only prove that women can have the same political role and are eligible to have equal political rights as men, but also to show that men need women.

Many women began to prove that they can participate in political movements and help the nation. Jose Mpama could not just stand and watch men struggling to make a better nation by themselves. She said, “the time has arrived for women to enter the political guard and stand shoulder to shoulder with men,” to show that men are under pressure with the political problems and therefore they need new sources, which can be women. (doc 3). Also African National Congress allowed women to “enjoy the same status as men…including the highest office.” This shows that the men have realized the importance of women in political society. However, they still continued to be sexist by saying, “special disabilities and differences.” This implies that even though the men agreed to share the equality in political rights, they still believed that women cannot do everything men can. (doc 4) However, picture on document 1 contradicts their opinion. The picture shows two women learning how to use a gun. This shows the dignity they have toward the country and clearly not the way men thought about women. Also, the women trying to keep buyers from getting European goods show that they concerned for the country because if people buy less European goods and more of their own [Indian] goods, then there will be more demand for factories which will allow more opportunities for people to have jobs. This proves that women also concerned about economics. (doc 7)

Not only did the women wanted to participate, but they also wanted to prove that men needs women. Document 6 is a picture of Juan Peron and...
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