Women Representation in Politics

Topics: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton, United States Pages: 6 (2566 words) Published: April 26, 2008
Representation of Women in Politics
As young adults mature, they are likely to become interested in government and representation. Questions regarding representation and equality will begin to form and answers will have to be given. It is important for an individual to be allowed to express their opinions and ideas when problems or issues may arise. However, there have always been groups of people who do not feel that they are being adequately represented, and women are one of them. Throughout history, women have experienced issues regarding having their voices and opinions being heard and truly acted upon. As American society continues to grow and develop, thing are beginning to become more apparent regarding the influence and ideas women have to offer in society and especially politics. Many women feel that there are not enough legislative powers adequately representing them and their voices. Men, because of their gender majority in politics, have the primary decision making when it comes to passing laws, which possibly affects more lives then they realize. There becomes a question if their views and decisions are based on their thoughts and opinions or those of whom they are supposed to be representing. When discussing such issues as abortion, which clearly pertains to decisions that should also be made by women because of their immediate relation to the subject have minimal say if any because of the unequal representation. Even though America chooses to encourage other countries to build themselves around American values, America herself seems to be falling behind the times. “It ranks 52nd out of 179 countries-tied with Slovakia-in the percentage of women serving in the lower houses of national legislatures and parliaments” (Wilson 1). Yet in this male dominated political system that America has chosen to adopt, there seems to be minimal change in the ability to adequately represent women. This problem can be resolved through more women becoming involved and participating in politics to be able to better represent women in American society. For the rest of her known existence, society in America will struggle with the idea of equality and the proper representation women should be entitled to. Though there has been an increase of females in legislative positions in recent years, it does not change the fact that there is a substantial difference between the amounts of men versus women in politics. With a representation of 364 men to 71 in representation of the members in the House of Representatives and with only 16 females in the Senate out of a possible 100, only a miniscule amount, 87 women are representatives in America’s government. (Women National) For whatever reasons, these statistics are a sad truth as to what some people believe of women. Judith Oakley wrote a book entitled Perceiving Women and has researched and come up with many ideas relating to women’s positions in politics. She writes, “Women have rarely been given or achieved formal or actual political power. Their political activity has been largely by influence an usually through male intermediary” (Okely 69). This sad yet true statement reflects a struggle woman have faced because they want to become involved. More women in politics should represent more action for women who have felt held down when it comes to their voices being heard. Not only would these woman be able to allow the minority to be heard, they would be able to personally represent them to their fullest capability. However, there are barriers that have been placed, if not intentionally, that prevents women from becoming involved in politics. They may be hidden, but when carefully examined exhibits the truth behind the struggles that women face because they want to represent the people who are important to them. Perhaps one of the most dominating reasons for this is the idea that politics is considered to be a man’s world to many people. Anita Hill wrote on the...
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