Women Participation During the Mexican Revolution

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  • Published : April 22, 2010
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Paul Noguera
February - 25
Women Participation during the Mexican Revolution
Women played a big role during the Mexican revolution. Before the Mexican revolution, women always were discriminated and isolated by men; they had always lived under male control and their dominance on many aspects of the society. Women in Mexico have always been characterized by certain stereotypes such as family life, marriage, and the influence that they had from the Catholic. Women were never seen as people who could contribute to the society taking position such as in the government. This essay explains the transition and some of the contributions of many Mexican Women who were really important during the Mexican revolution. During the revolution women become to be part of Mexican politics for first time, they also had important participation on social movements and on the battlefields and finally they had and important influence on reforming the national Education in Mexico. Many women from high and lower class of the Mexican society managed to be part in high positions of Mexican politics despite of the inequalities they had to face during this period, gaining the respect of many men and of the society in many parts of Mexico. Many of the women who got to be in high positions of Mexicans politics become to be important political figures and inspiration for other women to believe in themselves. A woman who became an important figure in during the Mexican revolution was Hermilia Galindo. She was born in 1896 in Laredo, Durango Mexico (Mitchell, “Women’s Revolution,” p. 17), when the Mexican revolution began she was only fifteen year old. During Galindo’s political carrier she wrote many political disquisitions, was a public advocate for Carranza in many states and was the editor of the journal “Mujer Moderna” She rose quickly due to her intelligence, excellence speaking skills, and because she had skills and abilities that Carranza was shrewd enough to recognize and exploit....
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