Women of Wwii-Case Study

Topics: World War II, English-language films, Dorothea Lange Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Photography during WWII was a way to bring the war back home. The war created new opportunities for women to take on jobs that were mostly male dominated. One of these opportunities was journalism. Therese Bonney, Esther Bubbley, and Dorothea Lange were 3 women that had a lot in common, being they were photographers during WWII. A great deal of their work is still around today for people to view. It made the war come to live and brought the tragedy alive. It helped open up everyone’s eyes on how detrimental the war was to not only soldiers but to everyone including children and families. These three women captured a part of our history on film for everyone to be able to look back into history. Compare and Contrast

While all three women were photographers of WWII, they were not entirely comparable with their artistic abilities. These women used their cameras to tell stories of different people. Therese Bonney earned her education at high-end universities such as Harvard. Bonney took her photos based on telling the truth of the war. Bonney’s work was in Europe on the people that suffered financially due to the war and caused them to be homeless living in the allies and streets. Esther Bubley was an art student. Most of Bubley’s work was focused on the average American. Bubley’s work was mostly in and around Washington DC. Dorothea Lange was interested in the effects the war had on ethnic groups. Lange’s work focused on the Japanese culture and people post Pearl Harbor. Many of these people were Japanese-Americans that were affected; they lost their jobs and land due to the effects of the war. Langes work was censored due to the horrible truth it uncovered. While all three of these women were photographers during WWII, their work was very different.

All three women were able to capture some horrible effects of WWII on different cultures and in different parts of the world. There work enables us to look back today and see the...
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