Women of Principles

Topics: Journal, Diary, My Life Pages: 2 (874 words) Published: March 19, 2013
I believe that each of us can contribute a word of wisdom and an inspiration to the world in some unique ways. For me it is to multiply my ideas and principles with others that I hold, in the hope that these principles will benefit others as much as they have given benefit to me. I am happy and it’s my pleasure when I act in service to others. And now, let me share my life theories. Be amazing. Be good. Be pretty. Be strong. Be smart. Be cool. But the most important is being yourself. Though not perfect at least you are real and true. This principle is one of the most important principles in my life, because being true to myself is definitely equal of being honest. I will act naturally; I will do whatever I want as long as it is right.it doesn’t matter what others think of me. My self-esteem comes from recognizing that I am a pure soul, loved by God, striving to do my best. Let us talk about determination. I believed that the only real failure in life is not trying. I’m not afraid to take on new challenges and risks. I never know what good will come from my focused efforts, but I know what will come from not trying. If I’m not pushing myself beyond comfort zone, I’m just accepting the fact that life in this world is for growth and struggles. Life is full of so many challenges that it would be easy to give up and stop trying but still, I keep on my mind that ‘’Don’t give up just because things are hard. There are lots of reasons in order to be happy. Just smile and the most important is to pray. My next principle is to love those who love and hate me. I treasure and care about them. I exert much effort for them just to feel how much I love them. I nurture my most important relationships, and be affirming, optimist and giving to them. Just like what I’ve said before, I also want to give importance those who hate me. I just want to thank them because they kept on talking about me, criticizing, teasing, cursing, and judging me. I love them because they making me...
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