Women of Lockerbie

Topics: The Hills, Woman, Plays Pages: 2 (853 words) Published: November 15, 2011
The Women of Lockerbie
Sara Smith
University of Chicago

The Women of Lockerbie was written by Deborah Brevoort. The play starred Brittany Reed as Olive Allison, Mark Vukelich as Bill Livingston, Elizabeth Brooks as Woman 1, Brookelyn Walters as Woman 2, Jodie Maier as Madeline Livingston, Austin Meyer as George Jones and Jill Mac as Hattie. On December 21, 1988, above Lockerbie, Scotland, a Pan AM flight enroute from London to New York was blown up by a terrorist’s bomb. The 259 people on the plane died, as did 11 of residents of the small town.

The play takes places on a cold December night, on the hills of Lockerbie, Scotland, seven years after the bombing. Bill and Madeline Livingston have come to Lockerbie for a memorial service that is being held for the families of the perished. Bill hopes that his wife, who has mourned so much for the past seven years, will finally find some closure by visiting the place where their son died: she is hoping to discover some remnant of her son, whose body was never recovered from the debris. While Bill is searching the hills for his wife he meets three women from Lockerbie, Olive, women 1 and 2. While Bill is telling his story to the women they try to counsel him on the healing process, offering many ideas to him trying to help his distraught and at times crazy wife. Madeline pops in and out of the hills, at times talking to herself, questioning Bill’s love for Adam, because she never seen him show any emotion throughout the past seven years. We learn that Bill hasn’t had time to grieve because he’s been taking care of things and has had to be the rock for the family. The women inform Bill about the US Governments plan to burn the clothes because they were evidence and nothing but filth. The women want to wash the clothes and return them to the family hoping that will help them find closure. Bill encounters George Jones, the US Government official in charge of the Lockerbie clothing case. Mr. Jones...
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