Women of Asian Culture

Topics: Marriage, Gender, Family Pages: 4 (1244 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Women of the Asian Culture
Shavon Schultze
ANT 101
Keith Nesto
September 27, 2009

Women of the Asian Culture
Women of Asian culture should be given equal opportunity of human rights in regards to politics, employment, economics, and family life. Because of religious beliefs, and tradition, women of the Asian culture are accustomed to the burden of being house wives, stay at home mothers, and homemakers. Society in Asia feels that women should not be working in the workforce; it is said that it’s a male’s duty to provide for the family and the household. Asian culture is a very religious and traditional culture. A traditional family life within the Asian culture, from child birth, for both boys and girls are very different. “They boys are known as being distinctive and flattering to the parents, where as the girls is classified to the family as too many, a little mistake, or the last child”. (Miller, 2007) For girls the perils begin at birth. Throughout life, from birth, toddlerhood, adolescence, to adulthood, etc the female is always treated lower than the males are treated. It’s a continuous life of abuse. “The kinship that is in 45 percent of most cultures today is partilineal descent which places of interest in the importance of men”. (Miller, 2007) This culture idolizes the birth of a son, but dreads the birth of a female. From birth the females are subject to discrimination. As a child they are fed less, refused hospital treatment, and denied basic education. As the female grows into a teenager, she is forced to marry which is an arranged marriage, or sometime bought or sold for prostitution and in some cases she has to perform labor as a slave. As a woman in the Asian culture, she is separated from her family, expected to marry a male. Marriages for the bride, her family gives her to the highest bidder, and dowry. With this the bride’s family would pay excessive amounts of money to the husband’s family. Once she becomes married she is no...
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