Women Make Better Teacher Than Men

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For me, generally, women do make better teachers than men.

Maybe it is due to the fact that there are more female teachers than male teachers. But throughout my 11 years experience in school, I tend to like female teachers more.

A good female teacher would tend to be "motherly". She'll definitely be more patient and would not raise her voice even as we keep on asking questions when we are unable to understand. Next, she would be very concerned on our performance in school and would really display hopes for us to succeed. Good female teachers are more able to give encouragement to students with gentler voices.

A good male teacher would on the other hand be "brotherly". These male teachers find it easy to bond with the students. I find that male teachers have a better sense of humour than their female counterparts hence bonding them with students (particularly male students when they pull out a dirty joke). Good ones would be understanding and concerned about our performance in school. But they are less able to give encouragement compared to the female teachers.

Anyway, the above description is just an example of a small minority... Most teachers, I'm afraid, do not fit that description. Bad female teachers are lazy as they are just merely earning a secondary income. So, they just come to school to gossip in the common room. These teachers are not so forgiving and are downright petty. They would tell the whole common room which student has offended her. Some of them would get pregnant every now and then (free paid holiday ftw!!!) My secondary school has an average of 5 teachers getting pregnant each year.

Bad male teachers on the other hand has many patterns. The first would be the usual discipline teacher who NEVER teaches his class. He would rather abuse his power carrying his cane around the school, catching people with long hair, etc. The second type would be the class clown. These teachers are a hot favourite among students as the go to class...
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