Women Involvement in Wwi

Topics: World War I, World War II, U-boat Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Women’s Land Army WWI
The First World War would have been very different, if it wasn’t for the help of the women that contributed during this time. Many women helped out in many different ways, some were nurses, factory workers, and farmers. I think the farmers were one of the main components that contributed during the WWI. These farmers had a major effect on WWI; they also had many tough duties, and also had many problems. The Women’s Land Army had a major effect on WWI. Without these women, many soldiers and families would have starved. This left a big hole in the country because they didn’t have any food source. This is because all the men that were the farmers had left to fight for their country, and the German submarines, would sink the merchant ships bringing food from America to Britain, meaning no food in Britain for that time. This caused the women to take the situation into their hands, so they made their own “army”. By 1917 almost 260,000 women contributed to this “army”. Many soldiers needed these women to grow food because it was really hard for them to get a fresh supply of food because of the American merchant ships being sunken by the Germans Secondly these women didn’t have an easy life; they had to go through many tough things. These women would do all the jobs that were required to make a farm function normally - threshing, ploughing, tractor driving, reclaiming land, drainage etc. All these jobs were very strenuous, they were all very physically demanding, some women would injure themselves very severely. They were paid about £1 12 pence a week after deductions had been made for lodgings and food, only if you were over the age of 18. This was not much back then, especially without another source of income that usually comes from the man. These women had to feed children, seniors, and themselves with the small pay that they would get.. They had a set number of hours they had to work, 50 hours in the summer and 48 hours in the winter. There...
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