Women Inequality

Topics: Gender, Feminism, Gender role Pages: 3 (1212 words) Published: March 11, 2011
Women inequality
Women have almost always been look down as the inferior gender. In Simone De Beauvoir’s Woman as other she discusses the treatment of women throughout history and how they have always been the “back seat” to the man. As I read this literature work and take my own views of the situation from a man’s point of view I will do my best to talk about gender roles, gender stereotypes and gender social stratification while also using references from Simone De Beauvoir’s work. Unlike Simone De Beauvoir response stating that man represents positive and neutral as woman only represents negative, I believe that the word does not take on that kind of power because it’s just a relation to gender maybe in her time it could have meant that much but now a days women are going up I think. I think my views on gender roles are cultural and personal and what I am about to discuss is a up to date version of what Simone De Beauvoir was saying back then. Gender roles determine how males and females should think, speak, dress, and interact within society. These gender schemas are embedded frameworks regarding what defines masculine and feminine. While socializing agents—parents, teachers, peers, movies, television, music, books, and religion—teach and reinforce gender roles throughout the lifespan; parents probably exert the greatest influence, especially on their very young children. Traditionally, fathers teach boys how to fix and build things; mothers teach girls how to cook, sew, and keep house. Children then receive parental approval when they conform to gender expectations and adopt culturally accepted and conventional roles. Then there is the media to back up gender roles. Gender roles adopted during childhood normally continue into adulthood. None of this is meant to imply that gender roles, in and of themselves, are good or bad; they merely exist. Gender roles are realities in almost everyone's life. Like Simone de Beauvoir which believes women are created...
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