Women in the Workforce

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Women in the Workforce
As a young a woman living in the 21st century I can only believe that women have every reason to be part of the workforce. In today’s world advancement we have all the technology needed to be able to create balances between our family and work life. In the old days women were viewed to be weak compared to men, because jobs required more physical abilities then mental and critical thinking abilities. Therefore, men were given the working part of the family’s establishment and women were given the care giving for the children part. Today, things are different. Jobs have turned from being only physically oriented to rather more problem solving and thinking oriented. And this makes more opportunities for women to join the workforce. Moreover, I think women should join the labor force because it is proven that when a woman in a family is working it is more likely that the family will rise above the poverty line. Studies done in Bangladesh by Mohammad Yunus, the founder of the micro financing Grameen Bank, show that when the woman in a family is given a chance to generate income for her household she always does a better job with helping her family out of poverty. Women are care givers in nature, and when given the chance to improve the living standard of their children’s lives they will do a better job managing the money and finances. My final reason is that I think in the end, woman or man, we as humans should be given equal opportunities to explore our full potential. No matter what kind of job or craft or hobby we might be doing, we should all be given the chance to thrive and prosper in this life with no restrictions. No matter what race gender or ethnicity we should all be able to do what we love.
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