Women in the Work Place

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  • Published : January 8, 2011
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Women in the Work Place

Women have been facing hardships in the workplace in the sense of getting lower salaries relative to men or having lower priority in the selection process. Moreover, I would like to highlight the discrimination faced against the women in the MiddleEast region, specifically in Lebanon. Woman was viewed as a housewife in most Arab countries, because the rate of educated women to men worldwide was 1:2 in 1999 (UNICEF, 1999). This sterotype has put the women at a competitve disadvantage when it comes to selection, salaries and promotions. She is viewed as a worker who works till 2 p.m then has some home duties and food to prepare so she is incapable of investing much time in her work. This fact is not fully mistaken, because some women have proven it to be true. On the other hand, some women are willing to invest all their time in the work even at the expense of their home duties just to accomplish their ambition and prove to society that women can also be in the lead. Fortunatly, women’s level of education have been on the rise and they were able to comprise around 40% of workers worldwide in 2005 (Jamali, Sidani & Safieddine, 2005). It can be observed that this rate has been on the rise from 1970’s where it was very small relative to men. Now, it’s about 50% in the developed countries and ranges between 20% to 35% in the third world countries. In this paper, I want to address the discrimination faced in Lebanon against the women whether in promotion or attainment of top level postitions in any organization. I believe that women are as capable as men in handling any mangerial postion and should get the same pay because both are accomplishing the plans that are levied by top mangement to sustain a company’s profitability. Traditionally, what the women though about was only marriage because family in Lebanon raised their women on the assumption that men should lead and women should follow. However, women are very ambitious now...
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