Women in the Work Forces

Topics: Connotation, Gender role, Gender Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Topister Bonyo
Professor Hillary Ash
English 11011: Collage Writing 1
20 October 20, 2012
Women Deserve Equal Pay for Equal Work
Women deserve equal pay for equal work. It is no longer valid to justify unequal pay for equal work in the workforces by giving men the superior status of being the heads of the house hold. Clearly, gender roles have shifted and more women are now the heads of the households and the sole breadwinners in many homes. Families that depend on these women are greatly affected by unequal payment. Poverty is common in families that rely on women and these families are also likely to rely on the government for assistance. The government has reacted to this issue by passing several bills and acts prohibiting unequal payment for equal work. These legal redundancies have made some progress, but the traditional mindsets that men are superior still lurk in our society, especially in the work forces and within the government itself. Authorities now justify women’s oppression in the work forces by focusing on their sexuality. Women are considered “marked” because every single thing that a woman does, values or wears is put into question when it comes to the justice system. This has proved to be the main reason why women seldom report cases of unequal pay in the workforces. This is to say, even though the government is “trying” to give women their legal rights, it is also making it impossible for women to practice their legal rights. Citation: Nilsen, Alleen Pace. Sexism in English: Embodiment and Language. n.p, n.d. Print. 19 October 2012. Summary: Nilsen’s article focuses on the English language influences on sexism. The article specifically focuses on three issues that the English language has influenced in our society. Nilsen mentioned the fact that eponym words that have come from a woman’s name found in English values women for their attractiveness and sexiness of their body, while men’s eponyms value their physical strength and...
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