Women in the Technology Field

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Women in the Technology Field

Women in the Technology Field
The revolution of technology had begun centuries ago; it had been the work of many over the years to bring it where it is today. It entailed people with bright imaginations to come up with technological inventions. These inspiring designs were then taken and built upon to improve its operation. Finally computers were no longer a revolution, but an evolution. During the course of time many men as well as women were affected by technology. Unfortunately, women have not received the same form of acceptance as the men in this field of work. After careful research, women in technology, they found it was difficult to find the names of women influential in technology. In the era when women are increasingly prominent in many industries, there are few women in technology.

There are many reasons some women might avoid a career in the technology field. Technology advancement and improvements increase the separation between genders, which show that industrialization and the principles of gender influence each other. Men and women have very different decision making-processes when assessing new technology. In the past, women were considered to be incapable to perform on the same level as men when dealing with technology. Women have been mainly seen as the “stay at home and take care of the kids” person. The majority of professionals in the technology field are male; these are manly environments in which women do not feel comfortable and unwelcome. It leads to unwanted behavior that includes expressing negative stereotypes of women and the telling of dirty jokes in an attempt at humor. Women should not have to endure the “locker room atmosphere” while in a work environment. Other activities are morally faultless, such as male coworkers engaging in basketball in which women fell less part of a group, especially if she does not enjoy the same activities. From the construction industry to computer engineering, the perception of women’s intellectual level as well as their ability to perform has been not only radically low, but also alarming.

Computer trade shows and technical conferences are often more male dominated than the workplace or academic environments. Women are outnumbered by men at industry and academic conferences. At trade shows, companies have “historically employed attractive women to draw attention to product exhibits or booths” (LaPlante, 1989, p. 58). While this practice has been declining, there are reports that state it is not declining. Women are treated better at technical conferences that at trade shows, but are often propositioned by male attendees. This problem has discouraged friendships with colleagues who could be useful contacts for the women in this field and unintentionally offends potentially important men.

In the technology field some people consciously believe women are less capable which can lead to different treatment from men. There are those who acknowledge that women succeed at engineering, but are considered to be “somehow suspect”, in which women are held to different standards. They are not treated equally as men or even as individuals; these are situations of a more fundamental problem, lower expectations for women. Women are often asked fewer or easier questions than men, superiors often make contact with men before women, and more likely to know and use the names of their male employees than of female employees. Behaviors of men are sometimes considered attractive but not in women, there is something about our culture’s view of male-dominated field such as engineering that causes female aspirants to be considered unattractive. When speaking women are often interrupted more than men and are believed to be less technically inclined.

There are many women encouraged to explore the opportunities in the technology field by family and educators, but some feel they are not able to compete with men. There is...
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