Women in the Struggle for America’s Independence

Topics: American Revolutionary War, American Revolution, George Washington Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: October 12, 2008
When one thinks of the Revolutionary War, images of brave men fighting for the liberty of themselves and their country come to mind. What is less commonly recognized is the courageous, and equally important, action of American women in the struggle for independence. Revolutionary Mothers, by Carol Berkin, highlights the significance of the role of women and the women’s bravery that helped secure independence from Britain. The countless women that aided in the fight for independence truly embodied the American spirit of the late 1700s, possessed traits that say a great deal about American ideals, and easily fulfill the definition of a hero.

As the late 1700s approached, so did an era of rebellion; and as the men of American society grew wilder and more ambitious, so did the women. Before the Revolutionary period, in the 17th century, women’s role in American society was to maintain a successful home. In the early and mid 18th century, women were now expected to be well mannered “gentle women” in addition to maintaining their homes and families. In the late 18th century, however, women’s role changed from simple housewifery to being a surrogate husband, protector, and often, a war hero. As the American Revolution spread through America, the spirit of the people grew strong, fierce, and patriotic. The actions and ideas of American women, as illustrated in Revolutionary Mothers, truly encompasses this fiery spirit. For example, a few of the many brave women with the passion of Americans at the time include a thirteen year old girl named Anna Green Winslow that identified herself as a Daughter of Liberty, Two women named Sarah Franklin Bache and Ester Reed that organized the biggest fundraiser ever to support colonial troops, and Sally Saint Claire, that posed as a man and

fought, undetected, next to her husband in the war until her death in 1782. These courageous women, along with innumerable others, were able to overcome American societies previous...
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