Women in the Family Roles

Topics: Family, Mother, Gender role Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Women in the Family roles
As Anthony Brandt said, “Other things may change us, but we start and end with family” . (Brandt) Family is very important to each of us on the earth. However, it does not mean we all love our family and we are happy with it, as some people could not find love at home. Therefore, they do not know how to love other people. Hence, family is the first place where people learn how to love others, and it can cause great impact on people's lives. Since men and women have different kinds of personality, they take on different family roles. In my opinion, women’s role in family is more important than men’s because women put more efforts to their family, women's way of loving their children is more easily understood by the children, hence, mothers play a more important role in raising a healthy child. First of all, most working mothers put more emphasis on their family than their career. Since around the 1970s, more women entered the workforce. Nevertheless, mothers are usually the ones taking care of the home and the children while fathers being the main breadwinner in the family. For example, If the children are sick, most of the mother will stay home to take care for the sick children rather than go to work. So, it is more likely for family matters to affect women's work schedules than men's. Most women think of their husbands and their children while they are at work or are busy working on other tasks. Even if mothers have their own career , family is still their priority. Secondly, It is easier for children to sense love from their mothers than their fathers. There are many single-parent families nowadays. The children are often depressed when their parents separate. In single-parent families, children who live with their mothers generally feel happier than those who live with their fathers. This is because women are more sensitive to other people's feelings, and thus they can better take care of their children’s emotions. Moreover, a...
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