Women in the Civil War

Topics: American Civil War, Confederate States of America, Military Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Have you ever wondered what the women did to contribute to the Civil War? For a long period of time women wanted to help out in the public life and not just at home all the time doing house work. The Civil War provided women with multiple opportunities to be active in the society. Prior to the Civil War women were considered very frail and weak people. Women were known for the house work they did to take care of their families while the men were away in war. Women’s equality was an ongoing battle in society. Women wanted to begin to stand up for themselves and what they believed in. Both the Union and the Confederacy forbid women being enlisting into the war. As time went on the roles of the women during the Civil War changed dramatically. As the Civil War began the women felt the need that they should participate and take action in the war. Women came up with masculine names and disguised themselves as men so they could join the military. Since the females went unknown there is not a certain amount of women who participated in the war. Other women who did not feel the need to take action in the military contributed in many other ways to the war. Many women took care of family farms and businesses, took charge of slaves, and took over multiple jobs and roles that were dominated by men. Women took over local industries, teaching jobs and provided the Union and Confederacy with necessities that were needed. In addition women took on the role of nursing that was normally occupied by men. The women took care of the Union and Confederacy’s wounded soldiers as best as they could since they did not have proper schooling on nursing. Roughly two thousand women, from both the North and the South, served as volunteer nurses during the Civil War. The women had witnessed things they’ve never experienced before from amputating limbs, disease, damaged bodies and death. Nursing was one of the most distinguished military roles during the war. The nursing portion of the war...
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