Women in the 1940's vs. Women in the Millianial

Topics: World War II, Difference, Great Depression Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Women in the 1940’s Vs. Women Today

You may look at my title and say to yourself, women are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow; strong, beautiful, feminine, and self-confident. Now you are probably smiling saying that’s me. Well not so fast. Although women in the 1940’s (Greatest Generation also known as The Lucky Few) and women today (Generation Y also known as Millennial) have some similarities, they also have their differences. This essay will be providing you with similarities and differences about women roles and expectations, work, money and recession in the 1940’s and today and then you will see what it means. This period (1940’s) was a time of many tumultuous changes for the nation in general, such as World War 1 and the Great depression. Each of these factors significantly influenced women’s roles in both the family and the work force. Expectations of women were greater and more settled in the 1940’s. Young women then were expected to marry at a young age, usually around eighteen years of age. Although you may think that that was too young of a time to marry, in my opinion it kept women from running around with many kids and no father. At least they were a family. Women were expected to work hard in factories and domestic services. However, most women were having duties at home doing chores, babysitting, educating their children and run the house while the husband was not there. Society thought that doing these things would be a “successful women” (Sophia Cassey,) which they were somewhat right. If you look at these women, they became very successful hardworking women, making money and still taking care of home and nothing has changed.

Women roles and expectations today are just about similar. Women’s roles today are still to clean, cook, work, and take care of themselves. The only thing is that they have help. The men are to do the same thing and help out around the house. Women today work hard and are in school. The only difference...
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