Women in the 1920's

Topics: World War II, United States, World War I Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Women in the 1920’s
Before World War II no one believed women had a place in the military, yet women overcame this and helped the United States reach victory. Women felt they needed and wanted to get involved in the war instead of sitting at home, taking care of the children, cooking dinner, and cleaning the house. Women joined military support organizations like the WACs, the WAVES and the WASPs. These kinds of organizations contributed immensely toward the United States war effort. Women felt that if men could serve in the war, they could, too. Women relieved men of certain jobs so the men could go fight in the war. Women worked hard and took the men’s places, but they could not fight or get close to battle. Women’s roles in the war changed society, and lasted long after the United States declared victory.

Millions of people were needed to help manufacture things, to join groups of people to help the war effort, and to care for the soldiers. The government had a major shortage of people in the war. It made sense for women to help fill the gaps. Before women joined the military, men did the typing, the office work, and the delivering of supplies. Once women joined the military, men could fight in the war. Women did the men’s jobs with pride and success. If women had not helped, the United States might have lost World War II. Women demanded the right to serve their country because they wanted to get out there and help. These women felt they could not watch the United States lose, and they finally spoke out. When women joined the armed services in World War II, they served as nurses, doctors, pilots, office workers, store keepers, mechanics, mail carriers, and as manufacturers of artillery, boats, airplanes, and medical supplies. The WACS, WAVES, and WASPS helped get the war back on track. The government only allowed women to do certain jobs. It took a lot of convincing for men and the Federal Government to believe that capable women could do men’s jobs. Once...
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