Women in the 1900 Compaerd to Now

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Caring mother
Diligent home maker
Obedient wife
Provide emotional support for husband
Few paid jobs such as dress making, textiles, cooking, domestic service. This covered 75 percent of jobs.

Not allowed to work in many jobs purely because they were labelled as ‘’mens jobs’’
Not allowed to show legs
They were looked down upon
Men held all resources if she was married
Were forced into sex
They were beaten if they tried to run away

They were dependant on mans income
Had to wear clothes that covered most of their bodies
Stereo typed
Unable to resist temptation

The transition between the restricted women to the women now didn’t happen by its self

Although real-life Rosie the Riveters took on male dominated trades during World War II, women were expected to return to their everyday housework once men returned from the war.

Government campaigns targeting women were addressed solely at housewives, perhaps because already employed women would move to the higher-paid "essential" jobs on their own.

Propaganda was also directed at their husbands, many of whom were unwilling to support such jobs. Most women opted to do this. Later many women returned to traditional work such as clerical or administration positions. However, some of these women continued working in the factories.

The individual who was the inspiration for the song was Rosalind P. Walter, who "came from old money and worked on the night shift building the F4U Corsair fighter." Later in life Walter was a philanthropist, a board member of the WNET public television station in New York and an early and long-time supporter of the Charlie Rose interview show.

Contraception was a change in womens lives from the 1900’s. Contraception was first introduced in 1963. From the day it was open to the public women could choose whether to have children or not. Controlling contraception meant women could embrace their sexuality like never before. Without fear of pregnancy, women had more latitude to choose partners and determine the timing and frequency of sex. It's not as though birth control didn't exist before the pill. Condoms and diaphragms had been widely available since the 1840s. But no method was as simple and effective as the pill, which separated contraception from sex altogether. The whole culture shifted to accommodate the new role of women. Changing attitudes about families and sexuality have had far-reaching effects The whole culture shifted to accommodate the new role of women. Changing attitudes about families and sexuality have had far-reaching effects

Politics was another large aspect of change for women. In the past women had very few rights they didn’t have the right to vote, to say no to sex and many other things. But through time this has changed. The first and one of the most significant change happened between 1910 when the vote was gained for women. The main argument for women gaining the vote was;

They believed that they should be able to access equality in the political arena when they had to adhere to the same rules and laws which applied to men. Women were not exempt from paying taxes and therefore, believed that they should not be prevented from playing a role in making the laws. They also argued that the female perspective which, in their view, embodied caring and moral qualities, would provide vital social reforms which would ensure that women, children and the poor would be protected.n 1901, the six colonies were federated to become the Commonwealth of Australia. When parliament was deciding in 1902 who should be allowed to vote, there was a strong belief that all women should be able to vote in federal elections. This was owing to the fact that South Australian and Western Australian women already...
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