Women in Sports

Topics: Game, Basketball, NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship Pages: 3 (1283 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Michelle Magdziuk
Women in Sport Persuasive Essay

Since Title IV was amended in 1972 there have been significant changes in our world for women. In the last couple of decades women have slowly began to receive more and more rights in education and in sports. Now in 2012 women are almost equal to men in most aspects of life including sports. The one aspect in sports women are still not equal in is media time and coverage of women sport. Currently television coverage of women's sports is extremely inconsistent and non-existent most of the time. One example of late would be the NCAA college basketball tournament. Every single male college basketball game during March Madness was shown on cable television. Not one game was missed; even the play in games with two sixteen seeds playing each other was covered by ESPN. The women’s games did not quite work in the same way; you were lucky to even hear about the game on Sportscenter the next morning. Many would be quick to blame the media and ESPN for how they are being unfair and mistreating women. However it is not their fault, it is the public’s fault. The number one thing that needs to happen for change to occur is the alteration of the public’s view on women sports. People’s views do not have to just be changed by the media but the women athletes and how they play the sports change how the community thinks of them.

A lot of women and even some men are complaining about the lack of media attention women sports receive. However, most people do not want to do anything about it. It is simple, watch the women’s games when they are actually on television, go to the game in your area, and buy team or player apparel. Money, Money, Money is what is most important, as greedy as that is you can’t really blame these businesses. Men’s sports make employers and media so much more money than women sports. I know I am guilty that when I see a women’s game on ESPN I get annoyed that it is taking up...
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