Women in Sport

Topics: Beach volleyball, Gender, Female Pages: 4 (1155 words) Published: May 27, 2010

Throughout the years, women were frowned a pone for watching and participating in physical activities. There has been an argument “… why women's [sport] will never be as successful as men's, that is it isn't as fast, and is therefore less exciting”. (Female athletes want equality in all sports) Traditionally the women were seen as being passive and obedient to males, as well as appearing an attractive object and sport was not always conductive to this. Generally, men have dominated sport (Women in Sport) and will continue to through the lack of support for women sport.



Gender stereotypes in sport have prolonged and been used to measure the social level of one. Over the years, girls who have participated in sporting activities have been subjected to many different stereotypes. Many terms have been used for young females competing in sport such as, the term “tomboy” or “butch”. These have often been used to describe young female athletes “who engage in activities considered primarily [for] the domain of males” (Field Guide to the Tomboy).

Not only are women who play sport are keeping healthy but also “… are able to socialise, keep fit, develop their skills & abilities, build their confidence and compete.” (BMSF) Socializing is a huge part of sport in general. Social confidence is a huge thing for young people these days, especially females.


There are many contrasting fact between the two different types of volleyball. Not only do the rules of the game change or the size of the court but also the uniform requirements change. Women who play Indoor volleyball are required to wear bike pants with a singlet top (Refer to Appendix 8.2). The beach volleyball uniform requirements of female competitors consists of “…bra-style tops and bikini bottoms that must not exceed six centimeters in width at the hip” (Stimulus Statement) (Refer to...
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