Women in Religion

Topics: Gender, Female, Creation myth Pages: 4 (673 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Ecofeminism: an introduction
Tuesday, February 12, 2013

* R. Radford Reuther “ecofeminism: symbolic and social connections fo the oppression of women and the domination of nature” * Ecofeminism: combines “deep” ecology and feminism
* Deep ecology: combines biology with symbolic, psychological, and ethical patterns, to seek a life affirming culture * Ecofeminism points out the connection between domination of nature and women * Reshape/revise religious beliefs and practices

* Broad critique of western culture from ecofeminism perspective * Positive constructions of ecofeminism to follow
* Why have women been associated with nature and men with culture? * Is the separation of nature and culture ultimately true?

* Early role of women associated with childbearing, food, production, clothing, etc. * Males associated with hunting large animals, war, clearing fields, leisure (energy, prestigious) * Eventually, males began to define cultural roles

* Male coercion and plow agriculture
* Males take over agriculture, decent of land
* Conquest of tribes: women for labor and sexual service * Patriarchal law: women, slaves, animals, land
* Babylonian Creation Myth: Marduk vs. Tiamat
* Marduk is a warrior , taimat is a female, marduk defeats tiamat and kills her, her body becomes the ground. This patriarc is already built in. Women are associated with earth.

* God creates, shapes, and controls nature
* Nature can confront Israel/humans as judgment
* Nature also a benign and fruitful source
* God symbolized as patriarchal male, transcendent, control nature * Isreal as wife, son, servant of God = women identified with nature * God shapes creation out of chaos
* Male as child of earth, not women
* Women, earth, fecundity

* Plato, Timaeus
* Three points of Creation: Demi-urge,...
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