Women in Prisons

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  • Published : July 6, 2011
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The ongoing debate about how women prisoners ought to be treated relative to their male counterparts will be a failure if it does not lead us to reconsider the predicates of the largely ineffective correctional system now in operation ... working through the problems of gender in the correctional system represents a terrific opportunity to rethink global correctional objectives, assess the utility of the approaches that have been tried, and refresh our thinking about what is likely to prove useful in the future

With regard to the quote, it is evidently clear with the way correctional facilities function these days, that they do need an overhaul. It is also evident that the system does very little to correct the behavior of the criminals that walk in, and are later let out early for good behavior. The system is ineffective; as the prisoners that serve time, do not reform to the ideal behavior that governs the world. It is not correct to assume that women can be treated the same way as men; simply because both man and woman were created differently. In this context, the correctional facilities cannot be similar in nature; as men and women have various requirements that cannot be considered unisex. The notion of men and women should be treated equally applies; but it does not apply in every given scenario. With that said this should be a loophole that should incur the need for a full review of the correctional systems that are used worldwide. In the light of the issue of women needing to have different correctional facilities, the issue should be used to illustrate the flaws that currently exist in the correctional facilities. In majority of the cells, prisoners have general access to several luxuries such as cigarettes; in a correctional facility, the objective should be to correct the behavior of an inmate; so that they may fit into society upon their return into the world outside the jail cells. But with the availability of access to luxuries in the cells; the...
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