Women in Pop Culture

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  • Published : October 28, 2008
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Women in Pop Culture

The average girl does not easily fit in to society’s view of women. It isn’t supermodels who watch reality television and read the articles on “getting a guy and dropping 20 pounds”(70). Media has become a partial cause to young girls getting eating disorders or plastic surgery just to become “prettier”. They want to become perfect. Recently, I opened a magazine and started to flip through the pages. It wasn’t long before I started to notice that the majority of the women were tall, ridiculously thin, and scantily dressed. They looked flawless. Women are often evaluated on their looks. Sometimes this evaluation is from men, but it is more often coming from women. Women try to measure themselves up to other women they may see, especially the near-perfect models gracing the pages of almost every woman’s magazine. The majority of real women that we see every day are not six feet tall and one hundred and ten pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. Nobody looks like one of those models in every day life. Magazines have desensitized people to what a real woman looks like. Although greatly influential, magazines are not the only aspects of pop culture that women are inaccurately portrayed in.

Almost every girl either has or has had a Barbie. Barbie is the world’s definition of perfect. She comes in a designer outfit with her hair done and ideal proportions. Barbie has become a role model for little girls. “They instill in legions of little girls a preference for whiteness, for blond hair, blue eyes, and delicate features, for an impossible uberfigure, perched eternally and submissively in high heels. In the Cult of the Blond, Barbies are a cornerstone” (73). Barbie instills the idea and concept of beauty into little girls’ minds rather than let beauty be judged by the eye of the beholder.

Reality TV is another thing that causes “average” or “normal” girls to question our physical appearance. Americas Next Top Model, for example, is a show...
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