Women in Nation Building

Topics: Woman, Gender, Politics Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: May 24, 2011
Women’s participation in nation-building is an important ingredient in achieving an equitable, peaceful and more prosperous society. Gender equity and women’s inclusion play a central role both as a litmus test and as an active variable shaping a more democratic, stabilized and developed society. To enhance the results of nation-building, the study suggests that nations should place a greater emphasis on the broader concept of human security from the earliest phase of nation-building efforts. In addition, leaders should establish governance based on principles of equity and consistent rule of law, and should include women in the earliest economic reconstruction activities. Women play a special role in the overall development of the country. “There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is not possible for a bird to fly on only one wing.”

“woman is the builder and moulder of a nation’s destiny, though delicate and soft as lily, she has a heart, stronger and bolder than that of man, she is the supreme inspiration for man’s onward march.”

Today the educated women have come out of their inferiority complex and are shouldering all kinds of responsibilities, as Managers, officers, TV and radio news reader, pilots, Ministers, Anchors, Musicians, Clerks, Stenographers, and what not?

state is a "union of families and villages". Family is the basic unit of society, which is the foundation of state itself. Happy families create a healthy society and healthy society is a pre-requisite of strong political order in democratic societies. A woman is an architect of society. She establishes the institution of family life, builds the home, brings up the children and makes them good citizens. Her strength in totality contributes in the making of an ideal family, ideal society and an ideal state. It has become essential for women to be politically empowered to achieve socio-economic justice. It has rightly been said who...
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