women in military

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  • Published : November 9, 2013
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Women in military
Society says that women are equal to men, and can do anything a man can. Then why can women go for the military? Women have almost reach everyplace like sports, construction, even on moon, etc. Why doesn’t the world give a chance to women to fight in combat or military? Those people who think against this topic says that women are not able to take stress like men, women are not physically or mentally capable of handling situation at the field. The first and probably the most obvious reason why women should be in military is that they can handle stress better than women. For example, that 90% of men in the world just get anger very fast and when they are anger they just can’t handle anything and main thing is that they even can harm themselves.so, that’s why it is said that women can handle better stress than men because they can handle situation very peacefully and also if needed strongly. The second and most important reason is that women are also physically and mentally capable as men. For example, it’s not necessary that women cannot take lots of heavy thing with them like men soldier take but we all have to remember that all women’s handle many kind of problem while she has to give a birth to child. She almost take care of her child till 9month in any condition and I think that shows how women is physically and mentally capable of being a part of combat or military. The third and last reason but not least is that stereotypes of a woman’s role are out of date for the twenty first century.
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