Women in Love by D H Lawrence

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March, 2010

The Reinvention of Love in D. H. Lawrence’s Women in Love
Jianjun Zheng Foreign Language Department South China Institute of Software Engineering, Guangzhou University Guangzhou 510990, China E-mail: georgezjj80@126.com Abstract Women in Love is interpreted as a novel of relationships between man and woman, man and nature, and mind and body. D. H. Lawrence’s point of view on these relationships finds its best expression through the perspective of psychology and symbolism. It also suggests regenerating natural and inexorable relationships between man and woman, and man and nature to explore the mystery of life. Keywords: Man and woman, Psychology, Symbolism, Characters British literary critic F. R. Leavis in his great literary work D. H. Lawrence: Novelist tells that The Rainbow and Women in Love can prove D. H. Lawrence is one of the greatest literary artists, and Lawrence is a modern novelist and uses a lot of modern writing techniques to mode the characters. Women in Love is especially a book which “has artistic form more contrary to nature and meaningful structure”. The characters in the novel are extraordinary in their personalities which are closely related to the bible and have symbolic meanings. Women in Love is one of Lawrence’s masterpieces and also one of the important novels in the 20th century. Nevertheless, this novel is difficult to thoroughly comprehend and analyze Lawrence’s art in novel writing. Another aspect is that different readers interpret it in different perspectives. Many readers try to understand it from a modernistic point of view and attach much importance to the writing styles and through which to reflect the characters and to exhibit one of the themes of the novel—the reinvention of love of the characters. In Women in Love, Lawrence uses a different technique which is contrary to the traditional to arrange the structure of the novel so as to achieve his goal. It is true that the narrative structure of Women in Love is complicated. On the one hand, it has lucid narration technique to draw the outline of its theme; on the other hand, it has the psychological description which is unique and has profound symbolism. Perhaps it is the complex structure and unique creative writing style that aroused the interests of the critics as well as readers to study and further explore the unparalleled literary charm of D. H. Lawrence. Women in Love is the novel of ideas. The structure and development of its characters are directly linked with the theme of the novel, and vividly expresses Lawrence’s thinking about the development of modern man’s civilization and his theory about the relationship between male and female. The novel abandons the traditional plot and linear narrative technique in novel writing, and chooses special scenes and stories which have profound significance. Within these seemingly fragmentary scenes and stories, there are internal links that draw the fate of characters together. In Women in Love Lawrence adopts a kind of symmetry in dealing with the two pairs of characters who are in love and this becomes the basic thread to link the whole story together, also this is one of the major themes of the novel. Brangwen sisters: Ursula and Gudrun fall in love with Birkin and Gerald respectively at the beginning. Gerald ended his temporal sensual relationship with model Minette, and was captivated by the cold sculptor Gudrun, their relationship represents “death”. (Leavis, p114) Birkin parted with Hermione and established the polarized male and female relationship finally with Ursula, and their relationship represents “live”. (Leavis, p114) The relationships between the two pairs of lovers develop towards the opposite sides. In a perfect symmetry the narrative devices form an antithesis which reflects the main theme of the novel. Later Birkin and Ursula experienced the hardship and struggle both in idea and feeling, and at last achieved harmonious love. While...
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