Women in Leadership

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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Women in Leadership Positions
Leadership is the talent to use command with public in a component of voluntary involvement. A good leader should be able to interact with the people on their level rather than using authority. Communication should demonstrate both social and emotional understating combined with the task of the leader. The chapter Women in Leadership Roles talks about how women have come to being in these powerful positions today but even today there is a glass ceiling that is unbreakable. It describes how men who are in successful positions have a family where as successful women have to sacrifice when it comes to family just to maintain their career. The author has explicitly explained that even today women earn 77 cent to a dollar that every man earns. There is a difference in the earing of women as to men compared the same jobs in the same positions. The question arises how women leaders are different, also are they better or worse. The true fact is that they are surely different. Women are said to be more compassionate, more soft hearted and thus are not ideal for a tough environment. But women joining the combat have proven that women can toughen up and take the same role as men and be just as aggressive as men. All around the world we have had very successful women leaders. The book talks about Condoleezza Rice who was the 66th United States Secretory of the State, and today we have Hillary Clinton the 67th United States Secretory of the State. India had its 1st women Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to serve 4 terms out of which three terms were consecutive. Khalid Ahmed said, "She was a true feminist to the core, a woman of substance who helped the country through a testing phase, possessed all the virtues of a woman and fought valiantly for women's rights in a man's world"(unknown, BBC). Indira Gandhi was a remarkable woman who possessed charismatic leadership skills. She was tough when needed to be and diplomatic when the situation called...
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