Women in Egypt Better Than Mosepotamia

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Ancient Near East Pages: 2 (373 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Question: Why were women so much better off in Egyption society than Mesopotamion society?
Since mankind appeared, women have played an important role. Women in general had role of household chores, producing children, bearing and educating them. In the civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia, women’s lives were different in some aspects. However, women were so much better off in Egyption society than Mesopotamion.

In most civilizations including Mesopotamia, women’s quality was lower than men’s. Men could inherit property, engage in business, and act as political leaders. However, these privileges did not apply to women. But in Egypt, women were allowed to own property, engage in business, take part in religious activities and sometimes they could act as political leader. Marriages in Egypt and Mesopotamia were almost arranged. However, in Meosopotamia, women were considered the property of the men whereas in Egypt, women were considered equal. The women in ancient Egypt enjoyed more status, respect and opportunity than those of Mesopotamia did. It was allowed pharaoh could be female. Some women became the highest office holders in the kingdom, and share a status of co-rulers with men, such as Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Nefertari, Cleopatra VII, Ankhesenamun, they were the most famous and powerful queens of ancient Egypt.

The status of women in Egyption society was so much better off than in Meosopotamion society. Because in the ancient times of Neolithic period, Egyptian believed that there was a widespread goddess cult. The most influential goddesses of Egyptian were Isis, Hathor, Bastet and Sekhmet. Isis was a goddess of magic and mysticism, Hathor was responsible for nourishment and love, Bastet was a goddess protector of the home and Sekhmet was responsible for wrath. The ancient Egyptian believed that the goddess would protect them, take after their lives and bring happiness to them. To them, the goddess...
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