Women in Combat

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  • Published: February 22, 2007
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Formal Outline
It is man's role to risk his life on a battlefield not a woman's. I. War and humanity
A. Women in WW II
1. High cost experience
B. Combat is man's role
1. No women on the battlefield
II. Feminist ideal
III. Combat rules
A.Women support
1. Still can be POW's
B. Combat aviators
IV. Physical limitations
A.Weaker upper body
1. Men must help
B.Marine Corps study
1. One of one hundred
V. Training standards different
A.Co-Ed training
1. Men do not benefit
VI. Orphans
A.Soldiers married to soldiers
1. Both leave Children
2. Who'll replace the parents
VII. Psychological incapable
A.No Killer Instinct
1. Not violent Criminals
VIII. Women protect young
IX. Women improve quality
A.Well qualified
X. Motherhood
A. Risk
1. Not necessary
2. Flag draped coffin

Women in Combat
War has been a part of humanity almost as long as humanity itself. However, women at war have not been. History has many stories about exceptional women serving honorably on the battlefield. In many cases Women on the battlefield are liabilities. During World War II both the Soviets and Germans tried placing women on the front lines when they were desperate for fighting soldiers. Male troops forgot their combat responsibilities in order to protect the women fighting beside them. This made their units less effective and exposed them all to greater risk. Both the Soviets and the Germans later barred women from serving in combat. It is man's role to risk his life on a battlefield not a woman's. A woman's role is to support the man fighting in combat, whether it is serving as a soldier herself in a supporting role or staying home and caring for their family.

A woman participating in combat is a feminist ideal that should not be forced upon the military. The feminist culture has placed the rights of women above the importance of human life itself. This can be seen sadly in abortion. The ironic thing is the same feminists who wish to...
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