Women in China vs Rome

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  • Published : March 22, 2011
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Seleena delia birt 3/22/11
Rome (750 BC–AD 500).
Women in Rome during 750 Bc threw 500 AD had important roles to play, such as cooking for the family, cleaning up the house, to watch and care for the children and men. Basically be a home wife and mother. They weren’t expected to do anything else if they were to not go by these roles they would usually be tortured by there spouses. The status of women compared to men during the time, was the women were basically treated like slaves as for the men they were treated like kings and gods they made the women please them. While the women suffer a “hard knock” life.

The women’s life was much more difficult they had rules to obey they basically had a 24/7 hour job with out pay. Men were very sexist and did not believe women could do anything but serve men and take care of house hold chores and be mothers. The men’s life wasnt as simple either but a better life than the women.

China (350 BC–AD 600).
Women in china during 350 BC-AD 600 the women were treated the same as the women in Rome they were expected to do every chore serve the men and take care of the children . The status of the women compared to men was that the man had control and the women were the slaves to all men even there own son’s . The women’s life was still difficult and the mens life was still a walk on the beach...

But little do they know the women are going to strike back and win there rights. But during the time women’s life were torturous and so wrong but these women were strong to deal with what they were put threw