Women in China Finally Making a Great Leap Forward” Are How Female Equality Has Changed over Time.

Topics: Gender, Marriage, Female Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Cross-Cultural Management Assignment

The main topics that are being discussed in the article “ Women in China finally making a great leap forward” are how female equality has changed over time, how there is a change in the dynamics of Chinese families, weddings, marriages, and divorcers, and how women in China now are leading the way in an environment that allows them to be independent and survive.

There have been many changes in the family dynamics in China, now females in the family have more power and control of what they do. Chinese weddings have changed, where it used to be that the parents of the bride wouldn’t be allowed to attend the wedding and that she would be an “old-style daughter-in-law, subservient, powerless, dependent.” That has changed now in large numbers of Chinese families where both parents attend the wedding and the female family member will be recognized amongst the whole family.

Now more Chinese families are having girls instead of boys or they don’t really think too much about it. Many Chinese families believe girls would be more reliable than boys when they leave the house. “The daughter is easier to raise, cares more, and is less trouble," says Beijing University family sociologist Xia Xueluan. So the females inequality is definitely reducing and becoming more equal, and that the culture in Chinese families is changing, is becoming almost more “western”, where everything is much more mutual between different gendered family members.

Chinese divorces have also changed a lot over time, where it used to take 2 years to divorce, now takes 6 months. As in many cases the wife feels she is being used and treated unfair, but it also has to do with that the females are much more independent now, its easier for them now than it was 20- 50 years ago. They don’t have to rely on the males paying for the bills. Also it helps women that every 117 boys are born, 100 girls are born. So "With a surplus of men and a deficit of women, the...
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