Women in Business in Germany

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I read this article of a German woman, and how the German culture has one of the widest gender wage caps on the continent. Millions of working mothers and sometimes fathers, have to make often difficult trade-offs when it comes to work and family, but labor experts says the calculus is especially harsh in Germany. The government and union leaders are creating a drag on female participation in the work force and, consequently, on economic growth. I think this is a gender racism, and they should change this obstacles on women, a deputy chairwoman of the German Federation of Trade Unions call this as a scandal. A commissioner for employment and social affairs recently called on German employers to really apply the principle of equal pay for equal work. Germany is going in the opposite direction, the wage gap is narrowing across the European Union and in the United States, it is stagnant in Germany. The working women should have more presence in business and should win equally to a man, while the Germans have a history of racism and they themselves are ashamed of what happened during Hitler's government remain in the same way but now racism is being stuck in the female gender. There are many reasons that germany has continually been in the European cellar. Outright gender discrimination is one. Maternity leave is another, men get promoted while their female colleagues take time off to have children. This is pretty bad, because while the 50 percent of the junior employees are female, they pretty much disappear on their way to middle management, the income gap is smaller for younger women who have not had children. Even though this is happening, coaching programs aimed at women have mushroomed over the last decade. If by now there are odds with what happened in the racial sphere, they must change this way of looking at women in Germany and give the place it deserves in the workplace not only as a housewife.
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