Women in 18th Century

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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College Essay
I’m doing my research paper on how white women during slavery period were treated just as bad as the slaves were. I’m going to try to focus my paper on mostly the 18th century. During the 18th century the women’s job was to a large extent to manage the household and keep their partner happy. When war came the women basically did everything for the troops. They prepared food for the troops they made cartridges. They basically did just about anything the guys told them to do. But once the war started many women tried to stay back and run the house and the land. Most of the women ended up going with the men although because they were afraid of invasion and they didn’t want to leave their husbands. Women who followed the army were known as campfollowers. They followed for many reasons: there inability to provide for themselves, their fear of attack, eviction by troops, their desire to be with their husbands, the attraction of a paying job even if the job wasn’t making much money at all, or in some cases sutlers selling to the army. Over 20,000 women followed one army or another. In some cases women were an important element because they carried out tasks like laundering and nursing. Both of those men were unwilling to do and that could have brought disease. Women also were cooks, food foragers, spies, and water carriers. Women also created a nuisance for the commanding officer. They slowed their movement and used scarce rations but they were tolerated with because they were afraid that if they would send the women back some of the men would follow the women back. In the 18th century it was the women’s job to educate the children. They didn’t have any education system back in the 18th century. Daughters were taught practical, literary, and ornamental skills. This included cooking, sewing, household management, reading, writing, and arithmetic. Then there was some other niceties such as polished manner, musical training, dancing, drawing, and...
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