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“In a few years, the population of the United States will have more living women college graduates than men college graduates.” (Kindlon 622) I think this is a very powerful change because it will help with equality and moving are nation faster and smarter. In my own short life I have noticed a huge change in the number of women in school, the ratio of successful women to men, and the amount of stay at home fathers there are.

For instance, I have noticed there has been a change in the ratio of men to women in a higher education than high school just by sitting in my own classes the past three years. I remember when I first started at the College of Dupage I would have only been one of five or six women, now it’s easily half and half. If the trend keeps going how it is, it is expected there will not be much of an increase in males receiving doctorates, while women will continue to rise. (Kindlon 621) I personally think this is a good thing for our society and future. The more successful women and men we have the more equal our country will be and the hopefully men will start working harder to be even better.

I also noticed how men used to have “better” jobs. For example men would be professors rather than grade school teachers or men would be doctors instead of nurses. But this semester I have noticed a change, I only have one male professor, and I have noticed a lot of female professors at school. I also have a few male friends taking the nursing program before people might of looked at them and discriminated about their decision, that they were doing a woman’s job but really its just what they want to do. I find it very surprising that a single white female is only two times more likely to be poor than a white male and female together. (Mantsios 317) I personally have never thought of it being easier for men to be more successful because my single mother is a very successful entrepreneur, and I have followed in her well paver foot steps.

Also, I...
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