Women Fight to Break the Glass Ceiling

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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Women fight to break the glass ceiling at work
Kaplan University
Professor Brandi Mantha
February 1, 2011

I. The glass ceiling is a term used to define the problem of unequal pay scales between men and women. “It’s not just a barrier of bias: The psyche of women may also be contributing. We women tend not to toot our own horns, a key to climbing the corporate ladder. And let’s face it we’re not inclined to be as aggressive in the workplace as our male counterparts for fear of receiving the dreaded “B” label. While I’m not saying every woman possesses these traits, career experts say there are enough of us out there to keep us pining for, but not quite in, the corner office.” (Tahmincioglu, 2006). A. “The main argument is that a "glass ceiling" exists in the workplace. The term was coined more than twenty years ago by The Wall Street Journal to describe the barriers that women face in the workplace. The word "ceiling" suggests that women are blocked from advancing in their careers, and the term "glass" is used because the ceiling is not always discernable” (Strauss, 2007). B. Current evidence suggests that the glass ceiling still exists in the workplace today. Women perform the same job as men and still earn less; Women raising their families still viewed as less stable in the workplace than their counterparts, and greater barriers exist for women while climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. II. Women perform the same job as men yet still earn less pay. C. “Women's total income levels grew at double the rate of men's between 2000 and 2008, but female workers still make less money than their male counterparts” (Lindell, 2010). D. “Men with children appear to get an earnings boost, whereas women lose earnings. Men with children earn about 2% more on average than men without children, according to the GAO findings, whereas women with children earn about 2.5% less than they earn women without children do”...
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