Women Equality That Resulted in Social Mobility

Topics: Discrimination, Egalitarianism, Sociology Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Social mobility is the ability of individual or groups to move within the social hierarchy with changes in income, occupation education etc. Whereby social equality is when all members of a society attain equal treatment, opportunity and access to resources. Equal opportunity also known as meritocracy has evolved over the years. This has been done in such a way that everyone can now benefit from it. One main factor that has promoted this meritocracy is education and it has been affected by factors such as the change in industry, socialization, religion, laws etc. This paper strives to discuss three of these factors either promoting or affecting equal opportunity for upward mobility that women in Trinidad and Tobago enjoy. Education the number one factor that places and important role in an individual’s upward movement for it opened doors that weren’t possible for women in the plantation era. Before domestic work was the only occupation a women was seen as best suited to for; cooking, cleaning and raising her children were her top priority since formal education was not available to women. Even up the 1990s women were still not allowed to have a high education. Learning to read and write was believed to be the only thing women should learn how to do hence the reason they were only allowed to be educated up to up to a primary level. However in contemporary society women are give an equal opportunity to education which would then open new avenues to work in business jobs which were believed to be only best for men. Through this they are able to attain higher paying jobs. One thing that affected this change was the change of industry. It was as a result of the means of production being changed from agrarian to a mechanical that women went from manual laborers to professional class ones. Apart from occupations such as doctors, midwives, and housekeepers, which were considered to be higher employment positions for slave women during the time, the slave elite was...
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