Women Entrepreneur

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur, Business Pages: 11 (3901 words) Published: May 26, 2012
Shodh, Samiksha aur Mulyankan (International Research Journal)—ISSN-0974-2832 Vol. II, Issue-9-10 (Oct.-Nov.-2009)


Women Entrepreneurship In India
(Problems, Solutions & Future Prospects of Development)
Research Paper—Commerce & Management
Entrepreneurship Meaning:-The origin of the basic word “Entrepreneurship” is from a French word “Entreprendre”, where it cradled and originally meant to designate an organizer of certain musical or other entertainments. The Oxford English Dictionary (of 1897) defines the term “Entrepreneur” in similar way as the director or a manager of a public musical institution, one who gets-up entertainment arranged , especially musical performance. Initially in the early 16th century, it was applied to those who were engaged in military expeditions. In 17th century. It was extended to cover civil engineering activities such as construction and fortification. Since then, the term “Entrepreneur” is used in various ways and various views. These views are broadly classified into three groups namely:- • Risk-Bearer • Organizer • Innovator Thus, a person who assumes and bears all types of risks involved in an enterprise, who organizes the various inputs or factors of production and who innovates news ideas, concepts, strategies and methodology in business from time to time is known as Entrepreneur. Women Entrepreneurship:- When we speak about the term “Women Entrepreneurship” we mean, an act of business ownership and business creation that empowers women economically, increases their economic strength as well as position in society. Hence women-entrepreneurs have been making a considerable impact in all most all the segments of the economy which is more than 25% of all kinds of business. In India “Entrepreneurship” is very limited amongst women especially in the formal sector, which is less than 5% of all the business. Objectives/ Purpose of Study:- The main purpose or objective of study of women entrepreneurship is as follows: a) To exhibit the encouraging and discouraging factors in an enterprise. b) Identification and analysis of all the shortcomings encountered by women in setting and establishing an industrial enterprise. c) To provide solutions to the various problems faced by the women entrepreneur group. Methodology of Study:- For methodology an extensive literature review of secondary data from various sources has

* Dr. Sunil Deshpande **Ms. Sunita Sethi

been held as related to the stated objectives of the study as well as research study on internet survey basis. Women Entrepreneurship Role in Today’s Society :The emergence of entrepreneurs in a society depends to a great extent on economic, social, religious, cultural and psychological factors prevailing in the society. In many of the advanced countries of the world there is a phenomenal increase in the number of self-employed women after the world war. In U.S women own 25% of all business, even though there sales on an average are less than 2/5th of those of other small business groups. In Canada, 1/3rd of small business are owned by women and in France, it is 1/5th. In U.K., since 1980, the number of self-employed women has increased 3 times as fast as the number of self employed men. They have made their mark in business for the following reasons highlighted below:- 1) They want to assume new and fresh challenges and opportunities for self-fulfillment. 2) They want to prove their personalities in an innovative, daring and competitive jobs. 3) They want to undertake changes to control the balance between their families responsibly and business obligations. Women Entrepreneurs in India:- Two main stream of thoughts have influenced the promotion of women entrepreneurship in India by the government as well as by various other agencies. The first stream is employment centered. It has been argued that considering their weaker bargaining power in the market as well as society, women should be given higher priority in various...
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