Women Empowerment in Pakistan

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Aurat Foundation

Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan
A Scoping Study

January 2011 This publication was produced as a scoping study by the Gender Equity Program (GEP) of Aurat Foundation with the financial support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) . The study was carried out by Ms. Rubina Saigol Copy Rights Aurat Publication and Information Services Foundation

Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan
A Scoping Study January 2011

This publication is made possible by the support of American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the sole responsibility of the Aurat Foundation and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or United States Government.

The Gender Equity Program (GEP) forms a substantive part of Aurat Foundation's long-term commitment and action to serving the cause of women's empowerment and advancement in Pakistan. GEP is a five-year USAID-supported grant-making program which aims to close the gender gap in Pakistan by facilitating behavioral change, enabling women to access information, resources and institutions, acquire control over their lives and improve societal attitudes towards women and their issues. It is being implemented with the collaboration of Asia Foundation. The objectives of GEP are: • Enhancing gender equity by expanding women's access to justice and women's human rights • Increasing women's empowerment by expanding knowledge of their rights and opportunities to exercise their rights in the workplace, community, and home • Combating gender-based violence • Strengthening the capacity of Pakistani organizations that advocate for gender equity, women's empowerment and the elimination of gender-based violence GEP's program matrix puts together the aims, requirements, activities and actions of each of the four objectives into a systematic grid that lists all the required outputs, the interventions for each output and the program targets for each intervention. The grants are designed to meet these agreed and approved interventions and outputs. In the first year GEP's research initiatives include initial scoping desk studies to identify current status of knowledge and actions under each objective area and post-floods scenario, plus gaps that need to be addressed. These are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Effects of the 2010 Floods on Women in Pakistan Gender Based Violence in Pakistan Women's Empowerment in Pakistan Capacity of Pakistani Organizations to Carry Out Gender Equity Initiatives Gender Equity - Justice and Governance in Pakistan

Other studies in the first year of GEP include a comprehensive primary data baseline representative nationally and for each province, and several primary data based GBV studies covering sensitive areas, are underway. Indepth studies covering key government institutions to derive both policy and practical guidelines for further work under GEP are also being carried out. This scoping study on Women's Empowerment in Pakistan has formed the first step in helping GEP understand and define women's economic and social empowerment in Pakistan and the issues that it entails, fine tune it's designed inputs for the first three grant cycles in the first year of GEP and better design the proposed outputs, interventions and program targets for the subsequent years of GEP. It identifies current initiatives by local and international NGOs with respect to women's empowerment, along with the Government machinery salient for issues such as women's health, education, labor and employment. It also identifies the key gaps in research and interventions and finally it presents a way forward, presenting conclusions and recommendations at the policy and response levels.

Simi Kamal Chief of Party Gender Equity Program (GEP)

Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan


I would like to acknowledge the help and cooperation provided to me for this study by Amena Raja of the Asia...
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