Women Empowerment in India

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Economics Pages: 8 (1821 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Credit = 4 Marks = 100

Objectives: (i) To equip the students with techniques of data analysis. (ii) To grasp the various optimization techniques.

Decision making;Decision making environment;Decision making under certainty;Decision making under uncertainty;Decision making under risk;Decision Tree Analysis. Operations Research;Introduction to OR: Definition, Characteristics;Scope and Necessity of OR OR Models: Principles and Types.

Project Management;PERT;CPM;Phases of a Project;Network Arrow Diagrams;Slack;Critical Path;Float;Crashing the Network.
Linear Programming;Problem Formulation;Graphical Method;Simplex Method;Duality SECTION - D
Transportation Models;Transshipment Problem;Traveling Salesman Problem;Assignment Models;Replacement Models.

Suggested Readings:
1. J.K. Sharma: Quantitative Techniques for Managerial Decisions, 1st Macmillan. 2. N.D. Vohra: Quantitative Techniques in Management, 2nd Tata McGraw Hill. 3. V.K. Kapoor: Operations Research, 7th Sultan Chand

4. Tulsian and Pandey: Quantitative Techniques, 1st Pearson Edn. 5. Hiller and Lieberman: Introduction to Operations Research, 7th Tata McGraw Hill. 6. H.A. Taha: Operations Research.
7. C.K. Mustafi: Operations Research.
8. Kanti Swaroop: Operations Research.
9. Hira Gupta: Operations Research, Sultan Chand, New Delhi.

Paper Code: MBA-082
Credit = 4 Marks = 100
Objectives: The objective of the subject is to provide the insight to the students about the changes that aretaking place in the economic sector, the effect of these changes on business and the demand placed onmanagers regarding national and global business environment. Another major aim of this subject is tohelp the management students identify economic trends and business currents that affect individual firmsand the wider industry.

Economic Environment: Economic Environment of Business, Non- economic Environment of Business; Economic Systems; New Economic Policy-Liberalization and Structural Adjustment Programmes. SECTION - B

Economic Planning in India, Objectives , Strategies and Evaluation of current Five Year Plan; Public Sector in India; Privatization and Disinvestment; Joint Sector and Co-operative Sector in India. SECTION - C

Monetary and Fiscal Policies in India; India’s Trade Policy; Industrial Policy and Industrial Licensing in India; EXIM Policy; FEMA(Foreign Exchange Management Act); SECTION -D
International Economic Environment: Emergence of Globalization; Control of Foreign Direct Investment; Benefits and Problems from MNCs; WTO-its role and functions, implications for India; Devaluation of Rupee

Suggested Readings:
1. S.K.Misra & Puri: Indian Economy (Its Development Experience), Himalaya Publishing House Pvt.Ltd. 2. R,uddar Datt & K.P.M. Sundaram: Indian Economy, S.Chand & Co. 3. Mungekar,Nachana & Manohar Rao: Indian Economy in the New Millenium, Himalaya PublishingHouse Pvt. Ltd. 4. G.Rama Krishna & A.G. Moss V.Suguna: Economic Reforms in India- Retrospect and Prospect,Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. 5. M.R. Das: WTO Opportunities and Challenges for Indian Banking, Himalaya Publishing House Pvt.Ltd. 6. R.V. Badi: Indian Business Environment, Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. 7. Francis Cherunilam: Global Economy and Business Environment, Himalaya Publishing House Pvt.Ltd. 8. G.S.Kamat & Pulak Chakarvarty: Management of Co-operatives, Himalaya Publishing House Pvt.Ltd. 9. M.Adhikari: Economic Environment of Business

10. N.K.Sengupta: Government and Business in India
11. K.Ashwathappa: Economic Environment of Business in India 12. Misra & Puri: Economic Environment of Business, Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Paper Code:MBA-092
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