Women Empowerment

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Empowerment of women is an important aspect in the concept of both global and national development. Women’s contributions are indispensable for socio-economic development. So their participation is to be ensured in development work. In fact, empowerment of women includes the feminine rights and state recognition of women by making them self-reliant and decision maker in all inclusive aspects. So women development is a matter of great importance. Women development and empowerment of women are the two inseparable factors that are to be guaranteed in all levels of state administration.

With the on-going movement of time women folk can be turned into an asset by ensuring their active involvement. Need of women development and their involvement in the production oriented projects are recognized in all the countries. So the matter is not a national issue only. Rather the global concept is to be considered. The UN is actively working for women development as well as empowerment. World Women’s Day was declared in 1975 and a women decade was observed between 1975-1985. The objective of women decade is women development, establishment of rights in the family, society and work fields. First World Women Conference was held in Mexico in 1975.

Need of women development and empowerment in Bangladesh has long been felt. To face gender discrimination, indifference to women’s fundamental rights and constitutional equity with males Bangladesh government formed Women Rehabilitation Board. In 1978 Women Affairs Ministry was formed to monitor the government states relating to empowerment of women.

Problem Definition

Report making is always fascinating and challenging. While making any report we find some problems and try to find out their solution. In this report we also tried to search out the problems to empower the women and also tried to set up the best possible solutions.

While working on it, we found that there are some obstacles in the way of empowerment of women. Basically the obstacles are – poverty, lack of education, superstition, traditional belief, customs, male domination, practice of dowry etc.

To root out the obstacles and solve the present situation is a gigantic task. But it is a matter of inspiration that now women are becoming educated more than ever before. So they are conscious, self-reliant, confident and modern. So the way to empowerment of women is not a far reaching goal of the society. The obstacles and solutions are broadly discussed in the later parts of this report.

Objective of the Study

The main objective of the study is to pursue the academic requirement of our MBA Program. But along with it is also expected that we will be benefited practically and will be with the familiarity of how to match the theoretical study with the practical situation and problems.

The report aims at fulfilling the following objectives :

Gather practical knowledge about problem finding
Experience about problem solving in a systematic procedure •Prospects of Empowerment of Women in Bangladesh
Need of women empowerment in today’s global advancement •Finding out the reasons of the lagging of women in our country •Why they are required to be empowered
What the role of the family, society and state should be •To fulfill the partial requirement of the course under the guidance of Md. Zahedul Alam, Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, International Islamic University Chittagong.


The assigned study has been carried out with data collected from the available sources. The study is based on theoretical and empirical evidences. Data pertaining to the study are collected mostly through newspapers, articles and reports of various organizations. Different statements of the institutions of the published materials are also used as data. These data have been analyzed to achieve the objective of the study. Besides these, we ourselves asked other related queries...
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