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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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Leving and Sacks argue against the negative image of the male role in a marriage in the article “Women Don’t Want Men? Ha!” In this article, the authors point out how much effort a man puts into the relationship, and how often it is unappreciated. Women are sometimes over critical of their partners, and they often are too harsh on them. Although I am a woman, they effectively argued their point and I believe that one cannot be happy alone.

The authors do not have any professional training on relationship counseling. They may, however, have personal experience through relationships of their own, but this is not made clear in the essay. With their strong defense of men in marriage, I do feel as if the authors are married, due to the way they seem to almost take offense to the statement of "women don't want men".

In the article, the authors used many statistics. One example is the United States census. They state in the article that it is a recent census, and that it is being greeted with a celebratory tone. They also use another reputable source, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, to show that men spend 1 1/2 times more hours at work than a woman. This helps the show that it may be factual that men contribute less around the household, but they are also at work for more hours than their partners. A source that was a few years old was used to show the actual amount of work men put compared to their spouses, which was 14 more hours a week. The authors also state that the Federal Department of Labor show that men's jobs are more strenuous and dangerous than womens'. The authors use a good amount of relevant evidence to support their position on the topic.They show the reader how many hours a man works compared to a woman, and how the claims of men being lazy around the house is not necessarily true.

The authors use a casual style of writing, and they try to persuade the reader into agree with their stance on the topic. They do not directly say that their view...
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