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Topics: Gender, Gender role, Woman Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Contribution of Women in Nation Building Activities
Allah has created two types of human-men and women. One is not complete without the other. Both are equally important to make anything success. So, socio-economic development depends on both men and women. In the past, women were segregated from out of homen productive work. They were help within the four walls. The hearth became the place for them. So, cooking, cleaning, washing, giving birth and rearing children became their jobs. Men became the wage earners and all other activies became their responsibilities. In bangladesh position of the women is very humiliating. Women are the worst sufferers. Today women are playing an important role in all spheres of life. They are no longer confined within the four walls of their parent’s or husband’s house. They have come out of kitchens and are working hand in hand with men in the development programmes of the government. By receiving higher education, they are becoming pilots, doctors, engineers, teachers, administrators etc. They have contributing much to the economy of the men that the development of the country is never possible keeping half of the population idle at home. So, its need no telling that women are playing a great role in the socio-economic condition of our country. The reason of women’s participation in various activies is for the gradual realization of the need for financial independece. Actually women can do what men can. In offices women work as much as men and contribute to national development. Some women are even in the highest posts in somen offices and they run the offices very well. Thus, they make our national development possible. In the teaching profession, women work sincerely to build the future leaders at the country. In this profession women are even more sincerw than men. Thus, they contribute to the national development by making the students proper. In the medical profession, the role of women is more important than any...
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