Women Being Influenced by the Portrayal of Their Roles in Film

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  • Published : September 10, 2011
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Women being influenced by the portrayal of their roles in film Assignment 2A
Hoe Shuhui Joanne (S9132359A)
Group No. 25
Academic Writing
WRIT001/Term 2 – 2010/2011
I declare that this Assignment is my original work and all information obtained from other sources has been cited accordingly.

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Course Instructor:Katherine Barg

As the definition of being a woman has evolved to encompassing certain masculine traits, we see the emergence of powerful and career-minded women in society today. The shift from the conventional idea of being a submissive and family-oriented woman (Hagedorn 1994) to the rise in violent and strong depictions of women in film (Gilpatric 2010) is powerful in influencing the society’s definitions of women. Although women are not directly influenced by these films to be violent, they are beginning to take on masculine roles that used to be solely done by men. Therefore, this paper seeks to understand why most women are influenced by their depicted roles in film. Both Gilpatric (2010) and Neuendorf et al., (2009) points out that woman are taking up more violent roles in film, which represents the changing definition of women in the world today. While women are picking up masculine traits, they are still bounded by their conventional roles of femininity and the expectations of society towards them to fulfill their domestic roles. This is evident from the depiction of Violent Female Action Characters (VFACs) in Gilpatric (2010), where they were usually supporting actresses that have a romantic relationship with the male lead. In addition, women are expected to maintain their sex appeal while taking on masculine traits. Neuendorf et al., (2009) also focuses largely on the physical attractiveness of women portrayed in James Bond films. This indicates that most women are taking on more prominent roles in...
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