Women as Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt

Topics: Pharaoh, Ancient Egypt, Akhenaten Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: April 7, 2013

Even though men seem to have dominated ancient cultures, it appears that women in Ancient Egypt kept an important position in society. Their intelligence, determination and wisdom gave them different and independent roles from those of men; although for the most part, they have been given less importance than men, whom they supportedand advised. Nevertheless, some of them had the chance to rule as Pharaohs and many have quite interesting stories in their own right.

The queens of Egypt include a woman who dressed as a man, another who is still famed today for her beauty and many who stand out in history for their unique contributions. Cleopatra, the legendary and most famous queen of Egypt,well regarded as holding the title of the last pharaoh, has been known to be extremely intelligent and cunning. After her father, Ptolemy XII died, she inherited the throne which she immediately took hold of and proceeded to lead the nation on her own.

Another famous woman of this kind is Nefertiti, who became queen after marrying a pharaoh named Akhenaton. Although her husband also had several other wives, it is apparent from her autobiography that the pharaoh was completely in love with her, and it is not hard to imagine why, when even in modern times, Nefertiti is celebrated for her incomparable beauty and widely thought as an influential woman in Akhenaton’s attempts to convert the nation of Egypt from a polytheistic religion into a monotheistic one, dedicated to the worship of the deity Aten. The number of reliefs and artwork that have been found bearing the likeness and information on this particular queen indicate that she was much beloved by the people of Egypt.

However, another queen called Hatshepsut was totally different in comparison with the two previously mentioned queens, who were renowned for their qualities of seduction and beauty. She preferred to dress in men's clothing in order to prove her status as pharaoh,...
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