Women as Buyers at Deloitte

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  • Published : February 12, 2012
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October 23, 2011
Women in Business
Kathy Tarrant

Women As Buyers

The Women’s Initiative at Deloitte has been a platform for transformational change. There’s a greater appreciation for the contributions women have made to the company. Through the progression of the initiative, the hidden but prevalent potential of women has unleashed and helped restructure the power into the hands of both women and men. Deloitte has influenced the promotion of women into the forefront of business. The Women as buyer’s component of WIN has fostered new discoveries of how women make decisions. This workshop is designed to help professionals understand the process in which women in the executive role make corporate buying decisions. In these workshops, it is presented that women use different methods of approaching decision making through building trust, client relationships, and paying attention to detail. Because women are emotional beings by nature, WAB offers the opportunity for men and women to enhance client relationships while continually impacting the business as a whole. In my opinion, Deloitte has been a forerunner in pushing women to maximize their talents and utilize their potential for the greater good of the company. The WAB workshops offer a platform for both inside and outside professionals witness and eventually learn of the internal magic women have in easing the buying element. Moreover, these workshops have proven significant results in multiple areas. WAB changed participants’ behavior selling to or engaging women clients in the following ways: 42% acknowledged that rapport with women colleagues was enhanced. 18% indicated better staff male and female interactions. (Deloitte, 2010) The lines of communication with WAB workshops opened a transitional environment welcoming the gender differences in decision making.

“Moving toward equality in career development was fundamental. But as people began to discuss gender issues in workshops, meetings, and...
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